Game request-2

Do you have a game you think we should add? Perhaps you have a suggestion for a cheat for an existing game? Let us know and help us add games and cheats that our users want!
IMPORTANT: If you are having an issue with a game, please CLICK HERE
IMPORTANT: Please note that for technical reasons, the following games cannot be added: Mortal Kombat 11

We welcome saves from any region and at any point in the game but it is not required. We ask that if you do provide a save, screenshots of money, stats, items etc are included in the zip as this helps us to find and test.

To submit a save, do the following:
  1. Copy your save from the PlayStation 4 to an empty USB drive.
  2. Copy any screenshots from your PlayStation 4 to the same USB drive.
  3. Insert into your computer and locate the folder PS4.
  4. Zip the folder PS4 and it's contents.
  5. Click the CHOOSE SAVE button, locate and select the ZIP.
Saves must be submitted within a ZIP and must be no more than 100MB in size. If you wish to submit a save which exceeds our size limit, please host it on a service such as DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive etc. We must ask that we can directly download these saves without the need to use an account. If you wish to password the ZIP, please do so and include the password in the Additional information box.
Important note: Due to the sheer number of requests, you will not receive a reply from us. Submitting a game request does not guarantee if or when it will be added.