Major Windows Upgrade
Version: 1.0.7485.32449

Repository Version

File Size
4.20 MB

2020-06-30 04:45:36

SHA256: 5c3f42158795c41a77ac68f940f4142e

List of Issues Fixed
  • Significant number of Bug Fixes
  • Hi Definition Monitor 'zoom' feature
List of Known Issues
  • Not yet got its own msi installer
  • Please report BETA CLIENT bugs only to [email protected]


Repository Version

File Size
53.23 MB

2020-09-01 11:41:23

SHA256: e3af0e6974cadf2336e4643ba024fc36

List of Issues Fixed
  • Added a .DMG file to the zip which makes installation MUCH easier
List of Known Issues
  • No other differences apart from DMG installation file

Version: 1.0.7515.28019

Repository Version

File Size
6.00 MB

2020-07-30 05:57:46

SHA256: ff51137ee4841c8b20c14be441fa36d6

List of Issues Fixed
  • Added a scale feature that improves readability on Hi Def monitors
  • Resolved Window not drawn when negotiating with servers
  • Various Hi Def monitor improvements
  • Debian Package included in ZIP
List of Known Issues
  • Open Backup folder on settings screen is disabled due to crash issue
  • Please report bugs and only bugs to [email protected]

Installation Information

  1. Download and extract the ZIP file, then launch the extracted file. Notice Google Chrome reports Mono programs as Malware, there is currently no fix for this. We are attempting to contact Google
  2. Remember even though this is the latest version of Save Wizard you may find the legacy none Mono version has less bugs
  3. Please report BETA client bugs to [email protected]

Installation Information

  1. Download and install Mono if required. Moderm macOS's come with Mono. Mono >6.0.0 is recomended
  2. Download the file and extract from the zip. Notice Google Chrome incorrectly detects Mono programs as malware, we are trying to contact Google about this but so far there is no solution to the false positive
  3. Run the extracted file, notice on Catalina it is an unsigned app so might need command click or something to launch.
  4. Please report BETA client related bugs to [email protected]

Installation Information

  1. You can now install the savewizard with some limitations from the snap store.
    • sudo snap install savewizard --devmode
    • Local files need to be stored in $HOME/snap/savewizard/current
  2. You can also install the debian if you are using a debian based system such as Debian, Ubuntu or Mint.
  3. First install an up to date version of mono-complete
  4. install libmono-microsoft-visualbasic10.0-cil on Ubuntu and other Debian based systems this is likely to be
    • sudo apt-get install mono-complete libmono-microsoft-visualbasic10.0-cil
    • sudo dpkg -i SaveWizard_1.0.7515.28019-1_all.deb
    • sudo apt-get install -f
  5. If you are not using the debian or snap packages then you should extract the file somewhere appropriate, perhaps in your home, ensure the .exe file (e.g. SWPS4MAX.exe) is marked as executable from your GUI or command line e.g.chmod +x SWPS4MAX.exe
  6. Run the executable either from your GUI selecting ‘run with mono’ or from command line e.g. mono SWPS4MAX.exe
  7. You should then be asked for your license key, please report bugs, and only bugs to [email protected]