Red Dead Redemption 2

Save ID: CUSA03041, CUSA08519

Need a little extra help with this game? Only Save Wizard for PS4 MAX can help! Check out below for more information!

Available save mods

Apply one or all saves mods as many time as you like when you like!
  • Max Money
  • Satchel – Max Current Items
  • Max Pearson’s Items
  • Max Trapper Items
  • Unlock Trapper Reinforced Equipment
  • Unlock Full Map
  • Unlock All In-Game Cheats
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How to use

Give yourself an advantage in just a few easy steps
  • 1

    Copy to USB

    Simply copy your save from your PlayStation 4 to any compatible USB drive and insert into your computer.

  • 2

    Choose and apply your save mods

    Save Wizard for PS4 MAX will display all currently supported saves. Simply choose one and apply any or all of the available save mods.

  • 3

    Copy to PlayStation 4

    Copy your save from the USB drive to your PlayStation 4, load your game and enjoy!

Save Wizard for PS4 MAX

So what does it do?

Save Wizard for PS4 doesn’t just include cheats for this game. It features thousands of save mods for hundreds of PlayStation 4 games such as Spider-Man, Monster Hunter and GTA V

Not only that, Save Wizard for PS4 re-introduces a feature not available on your PlayStation 4. Our exclusive technology allows you to copy a save from another source (eg friend, family member, website) to your account!

Free updates, free support, unlimited use and more for one a time payment of US$59.99 / €53.99 / HK$468.38 .

Join your fellow gamers today and let Save Wizard for PS4 MAX give you an extra advantage today!

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