Save Wizard

Read this before buying Save Wizard

Save Wizard for PS4 MAX is compatible with System Software 6.02 or below.
By purchasing this product, you acknowledge this condition and that no refund will be offered if you use or change to a higher System Software.


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Introducing the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX, the first and only save editor for PlayStation 4!

Giving you access to some of the most popular games for the PlayStation 4, Save Wizard for PS4 MAX allows you to cheat on YOUR save allowing never before seen amounts of money, max ammo, character stats and more!

Save Wizard for PS4 MAX is a TRUE SAVE EDITOR allowing you to cheat on YOUR saves. These are not pre-made, unchecked poor quality saves with alleged "cheats" uploaded by others. These are in-house produced and tested cheats which you can apply to YOUR save at any point and at any time. Using our custom technology, we can help you beat the game or breath new life into a forgotten classic.

Optimised to work with your PlayStation 4 without the need to do illegal modifications, Save Wizard for PS4 MAX is an easy-to-use program. All you need is a PlayStation 4 with the "Copy to USB Storage Device" function enabled (a PlayStation Network account may be required to activate this), a computer running Windows 7 or higher with internet connection and any compatible USB drive (not supplied).

Save Wizard for PS4 MAX supports all regions apart from Japan. Although we try our very best to obtain all the various regions of the same game, sometimes this is not possible. However, if a game is shown as supported but not recognised, please let us know.

How does it work?

Save Wizard for PS4 MAX is so easy to use. Simply copy your save from your PlayStation 4 to any compatible USB drive and insert into your PC. Once Save Wizard for PS4 MAX has detected all supported saves, simply choose and apply the cheats. Copy your save from the USB drive to your PlayStation 4 and load your game!

What games and cheats are currently supported?

The following is a list of all supported games and cheats currently included in Save Wizard for PS4 MAX. Don't forget, this list is updated as we add more games and cheats!

Total number of games: 1130
Total number of cheats: 74616
Last updated: 14th of November 2018 at 15:59 (UTC)
Added: Nov 13th
Added: Nov 14th
Added: Nov 14th
Use When you have 1 slot saved in
Use When you have 2 slot saved in and want to mod the Second one
Use When you have 3 slot saved in and want to mod the third one